Accomplished projects

Currently in work

design4music is working on a website for a singer, songwriter, Michael Brunnock.
As ever, we are looking for new commissions!

Non-music website(s)

Yummy Miami — I am not even sure what it is, but I've designed and launched it and it is gorgeous :)

A new website launched for a company Spectr-M based in Moscow. Dispite a very technical subject (optic cables) it's been a very artistic project that I am proud of. Welcome to 

Websites created for musicians and independent labels

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All About Jazz - work in progress — is a massive on-going project, that keeps me busy every day since 2011! I perform in various capacities - as a web designer, coder, programmer, content manager, SEO (search engine optimization) specialist, project manager, technical writer, etc... I also manage 2 programmers and communicate with partners.

In Autumn 2012 a network of over 500 Jazz Near You websites has been launched to provide a local listings of jazz events, venues, festivals and related businesses for every big city on earth! I played an important role in technical realization of this project.

I am proud to be a part of All About Jazz / Jazz Near You small team of developers and see how my work has a considerable impact on how jazz music is presented online.

Other projects

I am working for a British broadcasting company Manray Media. A website has been launched and being updated with new content. We are exploring various exciting possibilities including filming a documentary on British free jazz. I am considered to join Manray Media crew to work on several new projects. 

Past projects

Internet is a very dynamic media; nothing stays forever. New requirements, new creative directions or career paths. Some of design4music clients moved away.

  • Daniel Levin, Steve Olson, moved to a self produced solution.
  • Angelica Sanchez, pianist, moved to a blog.
  • Andrė Pabarčiūtė, vocalist, took on a different career path, moved away from jazz singing and had her website completely re-designed with another company.
  • Hilliard Greene, bassist, has a different website.
  • Dominic Duval, bassist, died.
  • Trio X, Joe McPhee, Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen (Trio X) website is not available.

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