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This search engine is powered by Google.

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Jazz search - the new service by design4music

"Jazz search" is a custom search engine that gives priority to music websites - specifically pages for jazz and free improvisation. "Jazz search" is powered by Google but the accuracy of search results greatly depends on the amount of music websites loaded into our database. We are working hard to create the best and most accurate Jazz search engine ever!

"Get the Jazz search on your site" - is our very special service for owners of music websites. We propose to install it onto your existing page or include with a brand new website. That means: search facility for your visitors customized to match your website's design and focused on music related themes.

In a long run we are building a comprehensive search tool for real music only. You can help by providing your selection of music links and becoming part of the network!

Currently we charge a one time fee of 20 euro for installation of custom "Jazz search" and include it free with every website that we design. Write to Max for details.

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