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Music "Twelve Tones - Knows No Hatred / Sees No Color / Fights No Wars" Sing Your Song, Follow Your Melody.
Dominic Duval

The interview with a bassist Dominic Duval is on All About Jazz. What a day! I want to say "Thank You" to Donna Jarosak and John Kelman of AAJ. Their editorial effort considerably improved readability of this weighty document. And of course a very special Thank You Dominic for sharing your story with me and everybody interested! Read the interview with Dominic Duval at AAJ

My musical acquaintance with Dominic Duval happened a few years ago when a friend let me borrow a cd of Dominic’s solo recording "Nightbird Inventions" to listen to. This was a true discovery; the music captured my imagination and kept enchanted for a very long while. At this time it never occurred to me that later on I would meet Mr. Duval, listen to him playing live in concert, and even get acquainted personally.
This happened though. My friends from club "Thelonious" invited Trio X to play in Vilnius, Lithuania, and they accepted. The performance given by Joe McPhee, Dominic Duval and Jay Rosen was absolutely outstanding, and moreover it led to a long lasting relationship, which continues even today.
Having online conversations with Dominic, originally over some organizational issues, we gradually developed some sort of relationship, which I will call our "virtual friendship", for the lack of a better term. Dominic appeared to be a great story-teller, a profound thinker with a very personal approach to music and musicianship. His philosophies provide solid ground for understanding of his onstage deeds and entire musical career in its development. I must confess that some of his doctrines greatly coincide with my own perception of "what the ideal musician should be".
The idea to arrange some of these conversations as an interview came up naturally when we both felt that it was"the right time". For obvious reasons it is impossible to include one man’s whole life into an article format. That’s why I decided to concentrate on Dominic’s career in music, life philosophy and values rather than discussing solely particular recordings.

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Maxim Micheliov

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