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What makes a day in webmaster's life? - Launch of a new website of course! Here it is - a brand new, still hot from the oven website for a bassist Joe Fonda. There are still some fixes to be applied, more content will be added soon, but other wise the website is ready to meet visitors. Thank you Joe for being a client of and for all your feedback, accuracy and perfectly well organized information! Special thanks to Thomas Hoenisch, who designed Joe's first site and is helping with the content management. For design4music and me personally this is a special day also because is my tenth project accomplished for a musician!
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We are planning to provide updates on design4music initiative - our projects and possibly plans too. There will be a designer2musician advice column. The concept should gradually mature as it develops. There's a massive interaction with the musicians' community and thus a lot of invaluable information coming from first hands. Some of the news, exerts from interviews and selected posts from other blogs will appear on this pages. You can sign up for our RSS channel.