Matt Lavelle (dot) org is online!

The new launch is always a special day. It's our pleasure to introduce - a website designed for a trumpet/bass clarinet player, composer and passionate blogger for jazz, Matt Lavelle.
First of all we would like to say "Thanks" to Matt. He has become a true member of our team since we started. It's hard to overestimate the importance of collaboration between a design team and a client for successful fulfillment of any project. Passing along the requirements, providing information (content) and feedback on time helps to considerably speed up the whole process and avoid mistakes.

design4music team
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We are planning to provide updates on design4music initiative - our projects and possibly plans too. There will be a designer2musician advice column. The concept should gradually mature as it develops. There's a massive interaction with the musicians' community and thus a lot of invaluable information coming from first hands. Some of the news, exerts from interviews and selected posts from other blogs will appear on this pages. You can sign up for our RSS channel.