Official New Year greetings from design4music corporation :)

Dear Musicians and everybody involved with music professionally or as a listener - Happy New Year!!! Let it be joyful and creative! Let it bring great music discoveries and surprises even to those who seem to know/heard “everything”. Also let’s hope for positive changes in economic situation to allow more great recordings and outstanding live music in our towns.

New Year greetings from

I want to say “Thanks” to some music entities and people who made possible.

  • Music store “Thelonious” and NoBusiness Records, Valerij Anosov, Danas Mikailionis - thank you guys for everything!!! You have been my “music university” for the last 10 years.
  • All About Jazz website, Michael Ricci - Thank you, Michael. Your dedication to music we all love so much is amazing! I am proud of being a part of All About Jazz - my major work and hobby jazz place on the world wide web.
  • Thanks to my dear clients: Joe McPhee, Dominic Duval, Trio X, Hill Greene, Klaus Kugel, Michael Jefry Stevens, Joe Fonda, Alessandro d’Episcopo, Matt Lavelle, Sabir Mateen, Daniel Levin, Angelica Sanchez, Ayler Records, NoBusiness Records, Andrė Pabarčiūtė, Karl Berger, Dave "Knife" Fabris, Francois Grillot, Kirk Knuffke, Harvey Sorgen and to all musicians who fill my daily labour with meaning!

2011 was a very special year for me. My dream of being fully involved with music at professional level came true. I look forward to more exciting music projects in 2012!

Happy New Year!!!

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