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The Internet is a hiding place for a lot of exciting information. However things that we are looking for are usually covered under a thick layer of trash. The most dedicated investigator would take an effort to excavate valuable content. Some training, experience and passion allows drilling through tones of irrelevant pages in order to uncover the precious jewel. Most people though possess neither sufficient training nor passion. They walk by unless things catch their eyes, jump in the face.

Now what connection the above paragraph has with a presentation of cultural values on the web? Very direct connection! Pages about art and artists can be compared with these jewels in mud pools. In theory they can be found but being just a step away from the common path is already too bad - it means being literally invisible.

We believe that "music is the healing force of the universe". We believe that people need it even if they are not aware of that. Isn't it a decent goal to help them? Let's bring the true art out of shade where it will have more exposure; where people will have chance to experience it! Let's build for music high quality presentation cause today's people used to nice packages. This is what they see in the first place!

Straight to the point, actually you could skip the introduction above. Sorry, I had to mention that. You are a musician and let's assume that you want to build a solid presentation of your work on the web. Here are some simple suggestions:


collect information about your work

Reviews, recordings, bands, collaborations with other artists, images and videos, personal notes (like blog posts), possibly other types of information - all that should be stored and made available from one place which is your personal website.


introduce structure to what is otherwise a pile of facts (even if interesting)

It's a great practice to decide on a central axis for your content and then arrange everything around it. We, at suggest building up things upon your projects (bands, collaborations). Other pieces of information can be attached to that.


it's all about world domination so spread thin but wide

The more pages you have about your work - the more mentions you get in google. As simple as that. Having your content consolidated at your headquarters (personal website) distribute it to other publishing platforms - blogs, social networking websites (facebook, myspace, flickr, youtube). Don't neglect link exchange with your colleagues and friends in musical world.

Does a musician needs to be on the web? Honest, I wasn't too sure till recently. But now let me say with all the confidence - yes, today a musician needs to have a very solid web presentation. That means: aggregated-organized-spread.

Finally an injection of shameless self promotion. We are here to turn your scattered all over the web information into a comprehensive educational resource, portfolio and professional presentation. Contact me for details.

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