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The solo album “Nightbird Inventions” by Mr. Duval has been one of my favorite recordings in free music and a landmark in my personal development as a listener. Therefore meeting Dominic Duval has great meaning and special value to me. Moreover I’ve been privileged to unfold the story of his life in music in a thorough interview published at All About Jazz.

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The website

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Initially, I had a lot of visual hints and associations. Mysterious “Nightbird” is well represented by strange and very unusial sounds on Dominic’s famous recording. Darkness and elegance. There were no doubts that it has to be a “dark website”. At the same time I have a strong preference for dark fonts on light backgrounds especially for large text blocks. demonstrates the solution for contradiction between artistic necessity of this project and my taste.

Images of those spooky birds created for background add an illustrative aspect. The site also contains a flash gallery charged with photos by Peter Gannushkin and Susan O’Connor.

Speaking of challenges, today I can think of just one - large discography again. Finding records, entering them into a database has little to do with creativity of web design; it is something you always want to pass on to your secretary, client, whoever...

The project in development

Dominic Duval in Vilnius, 2010

Somehow, above any hopes, dreams or expectations we remain connected with Dominic Duval up to date. There were other recordings and (pure dream of a music fan) listening demos months prior the music became availble to public.
There was another meeting in 2010. Dominic visited Vilnius for a single performance with Charles Gayle and Arkadij Gotesman. The concert was documented on a beautiful LP "Our Souls"...
There is a feeling that something else will come out of our acquaintance.

Dominic Duval, client's testimonial

Max has a great eye and has helped me reorganize my old web page into a much more functional and usable tool. Best of all the costs to me, which in the current economy is of most importance was only a fraction of what it would have cost me anywhere else i inquired to perform this same service.
Thank you for all your help Max and friends, keep up your efforts, they are greatly appreciated.
Dominic Duval

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