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Working on was a true pleasure for many reasons. Most importantly all the required content was at hand by the time we started. Which is a rather unusual situation when working on music projects. In most cases a lot of time and effort is being spent for collecting articles, discographies, photos and band descriptions - work, that is strictly speaking not a part of web design process. But with Joe Fonda it wasn’t the case. All the required information was there for us to play with.

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Joe Fonda’s old website contained an enormous collection of reviews and other documents related to musician’s work. That represented a certain challenge. Documents and whole sections of content that reside deeply inside the site structure needed a better exposure. The following design solutions were introduced for dealing with the problem:

  • Enhanced navigation - three different navigation modules were created for the website.
    1) Main menu at the top;
    2) vertical second level menu (on the right);
    3) so called “breadcrumbs” - a special line of links that shows all the way from the current page to the site root. Breadcrumbs are often used on websites with branchy structure and deep hierarchy.
  • Home page or “entry page” was designed to provide “paths” deep into website content.
  • “Featured item” blocks (aka “teasers” in commercial web design) that display selected recordings, photos, projects and upcoming concerts at random order. The client has a total control over randomly displayed items that can be activated/deactivated in the control panel.

Yet another extremely positive factor was great support that design4music received from our client, Joe Fonda. Joe was always available when needed and gave fast feedback no matter where he was at that moment. He could come online from his apartment in NYC and the next day write from Germany!

Thank you Joe for being a client of and for all your feedback, accuracy and perfectly well organized information!

Special thanks to Thomas Hoenisch, who created the first website for Joe Fonda and provided valuable help with content management.

The meeting

Joe Fonda and I in Stade, 2011

We have had a lot of communication during the course of co-working on the website. Joe appeared to be a cheerful, talkative and very warm person. Having all those small chats around website related matters we always had fun. Joe send me a lot of recordings from various periods of his long recording career. One thing was missing - a personal acquaintance "in body", so to speak. it happened in March 2011, when Joe Fonda, Michael Jefry Stevens and Harvey Sorgen were touring Germany with a singer Nicole Metzger.
I managed to catch up with them in Stade, near Hamburg. The concert was a true pleasure; Joe and Michael uncovered to me another facet of their talents - they appeared to be great entertainers! Seeing them both - Joe and Michael, listening to great music, chatting... it was an experience that a can only describe as “one day in jazz fan’s paradise”.

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