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Well, design is always a challenge, at least since you opted against most common cliches. The task is nothing less than creating a visual presentation for a person you have never met. It should reflect his/her personality to a certain extend; also the client should feel comfortable in the environment that you created for him.

Matt's blog posts and short notes on facebook gave me some ideas, some grounds for graphic theme. This is how I learned about his cycling habits, admiration of nature and general passion for freedom. Matt also wrote about his strong attachment to NYC with its community of jazz musicians. The above ideas plus "instruments" were used as ingredients - anything can go in the mix. Design process is also an improvisation and a great deal of guessing.

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I started from using an image of a "lonely cyclist" under big sky. But it has mutated. At certain stage I decided to remove any references to cycling - 2 different sets of objects (bike, music instruments) could bring confusion. In a much similar way a lot of other things gone from design (silhouettes of swallows (very nice) and a dog listening to Matt playing).
What remained at place is the idea of an open air meditation with the trumpet. It gave me focus... it is a very strong concept in my opinion.
Saying all that, jazz is a city culture (at least these days). I reflected that by adding city skyline to the background. No matter how far Matt goes on his spiritual quest - this city (NY) is always with him.

And finally the theme photo. There couldn't be any better to fit the concept. Matt - pioneer; Matt - researcher. Thanks to Peter Gannushkin for taking this shot right for my needs.

Altogether, this is not a picture/painting of self importance. It's a background to whatever Matt Lavelle is about to to say on pages of his website. It's a theme. That's why it is very pale in colors. It is not intended to dominate visual space...

Hopefully my guesses were correct.

Maxim Micheliov, designer

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