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It was the last and most sophisticated website accomplished solely by me and based on my old, self-made content management system. Just as much as Michael was happy to re-arrange his content I was lucky to have him as a client. This project taught me some valuable lessons about possibilities (or requirements) of a musician’s website; some of ideas acquired from Michael Stevens are used in every design4music project.

Design was based on some fast and good (as it turned) guesses. The client instantly liked dark page body background with light content area to keep an eye focused on site texts and photos. Images of music scores and symbols for text decoration and backgrounds build up a theme for a musician and composer who actually writes music and uses conventional notation.

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For the first time “Projects” were used as a central axis for the rest of content. It was Michael’s idea that proved very efficient for building online presentation of his work. Photo galleries, multimedia files, CD reviews and upcoming concerts were added to a description article about each of the active projects. It was a challenge to provide Michael with a convenient interface allowing necessary flexibility to an administrator of this feature rich website.

Looking back at this work I consider it among the best namely because of Michael’s input. The site has a considerable traffic and is frequently updated by his owner. Some renovation is planned for it later this year.

The meeting

Michael Jefry Stevens and I in Stade, 2011

It's hard to believe now, but our acquaintance with Michael has lasted since 2005. We have had a lot of communication during the course of co-working on the website and after. Michael send me a lot of recordings from various periods of his long recording career. I couldn't wait to meet him in person. It happened in March 2011, when Michael was on German tour with his comrades Joe Fonda and Harvey Sorgen and a singer Nicole Metzger.
I managed to catch up with "Nicole Metzger & the NY connection" in Stade, near Hamburg. The concert was a true pleasure; Michael and Joe uncovered to me another facet of their talents - they appeared to be great entertainers! Now my only hope is to see more of them in the future.

Michael Jefry Stevens about the project

I had been searching for someone to help me re-build my web site. What incredible luck (fate) to find Max. He told me he could help me at a very reasonable price but that it would take about 6 months because he was working on several other musician web sites. Yes, Max is interested in supporting jazz musicians by helping them modernize their websites at a fraction of the cost we would have to pay in Western Europe or the United States. On a jazz musicians’ budget this is like a “gift from heaven”...
Thanks Max. What a stroke of luck to have you as my friend!!!

Check out my web site. Or contact me. MJS.

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