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This design was born in a blast of creativity or spontaneous improvisation. As a designer I didn’t have much clues about preferences of our client; neither I met him in person or heard a lot of his music. Somehow the name of Sabir Mateen was long as heard but associations I had with it were rather obscure.

One evening I just set and after couple of hours a draft of home page was completed. Something told me that it should be a dark website with large headings and heavy navigation blocks. Initially I had minimum of text to work with. Therefore visual elements had to fill-in the space. Later on this situation was balanced with a lot of information coming from Sabir.

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Finally we arrived where we are now - at having built a quite rich information resource offering the most complete online discography of Sabir Mateen, a lot of reviews and articles about each of his active bands. All materials are inter-linked together - projects - recordings - reviews. The concerts section contains current information.

Probably the main challenge we had to deal with while working on this project was interruptions in communication with our client caused by his concert activities. At some points things slowed down when we felt like pushing forward.

We are glad to have this project accomplished. Personally I am grateful for this opportunity to get acquainted with a wonderful musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, conductor, poet - Sabir Mateen throughout working on this project.

Special thanks to Max, my son, who helped with entering content of this website.

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