Accomplished projects

All About Jazz - work in progress — is a massive on-going project, that keeps me busy every day since 2011! Formally known as AAJ technical director I perform in various capacities - as a UX/UI designer, coder, programmer, content manager, specialist in search engine optimization (SEO), project manager, technical writer, etc... I manage our programmers, communicate with partners, and represent us at international conferences. Most notably Jazzahead! in Bremen, Germany.

In Autumn 2012 a network of over 500 Jazz Near You websites has been launched to provide local listings of jazz events, venues, festivals and related businesses for every big city on the planet! I played an important role in technical realization of this project.

I am particularly focussed on AAJ / JNY front-end. HTML/CSS and less so often Photoshop are my primary tools. Right now I am recoding the whole platform to phase out Bootstrap and improve responsivness on super-small screens (phones). I also manage and coordinate relaunching the patform with Laravel framework. A good orientation in PHP/MYSQL helps in communication with the programmers although normally I do not write my own scripts.

I am proud of being a part of All About Jazz / Jazz Near You developers team. It's thrilling to see how our effort has considerable impact on how Jazz Music is presented online.

Websites created for musicians and independent labels

Over the last 10 years I have build more than 80 websites for musicians from the USA, Europe, Russia, Australia and Japan! Regardless of geography these projects share a lot of similarities - website architecture and page layouts (defined by content) and tight budgets. I often coach my clients on how to present themselves online; help to chose "winning" photos, even arrange a photo session. I explain what content is required and help them prepare information. We communicate a lot - this is what I like about my job!

I build websites with a CMS called MODX Revolution. It's hard to think of anything better. MODX provides an ultimately flexible, clear and convenient to use development environment as well as an elegant content management interface for website admins/owners. With countless addons and superb online support it's a perfect tool to take over all common programmatic tasks.

Here is a short list of selected websites for your preview

And some non-music website(s)

I website for a British broadcasting company Manray Media has been pre-launched and being updated with new content.

KK Freight International is an international freight forwarding company with headquarter in New York, USA. I did most of front-end design and coding.

Prekių katalogas / Stalo Tenisas ( - online store for every imaginable accessory for table tenis (in Lithuanian language).

Yummy Miami — I am not even sure what it is, but I've designed and launched it and it is gorgeous :)

A new website launched for a company Spectr-M based in Moscow. Dispite a very technical subject (optic cables) it's been a very artistic project. Welcome to

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