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Maxim Micheliov, freelance web masterMaxim Micheliov started “design for music” initiative back in 2005 looking to combine professional occupation with his passion for jazz music. Since April 2011, Maxim is a part of All About Jazz team and webmaster at He is also a freelance music journalist and a part of the independent label NoBusiness records.

Design4music came out of my desire to do something meaningful as a professional in web design trade. It is a tiny step towards making the world a better place, where great music is treated with respect and attention. I work hard to create an appropriate web presentation for artists and their works.

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design4music — the story

I built the first music website for Trio X. This outstanding ensemble visited Vilnius for a single concert in 2005. My friends arrange concerts and run an independent jazz label NoBusiness records. Joe McPhee, Dominic Duval and Jay Rosen were our guests. Our acquaintance resulted in 3 websites for Trio X, Joe McPhee and Dominic Duval.
Soon I made a few more websites.

In April 2011, I made a significant career step - left my job in order to be fully involved with music projects. It became possible when Michael Ricci of offered me a position as a front-end developer and tech strategist at AAJ. I have launched over 80 websites for musicians, labels and cultural organizations.

design4music is ready for new challenges!

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design4music website is:

  • design4music is a proposal. We offer our services to musicians, record labels, and cultural organizations.
  • We put together some materials aimed to explain what is required from you - our dear client. As it turns a website is not a pare of shoes; you can't just buy it. It's a fruit of many efforts from both: developers and a website owner (client).
  • The site gives overview of methods and specific aspects of music projects.
  • This website is not a showcase. We opted against wasting our creative energy for presentation and keep things simple here. Please view our accomplished projects to get an idea of what we do.

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