Sabir Mateen (dot) com is online!

Introducing an accomplished project is always a very special kind of pleasure. Here it is - our newly born website baby created for a multi instrumentalist Sabir Mateen! Oh, like proud parents we are ready to show our child to the world :)

Initially the main challenge of this project was dense concert schedule of our dear client, Sabir Mateen, and necessity to start working on design without clear enough idea of the content. Generally this is incorrect. Just imagine, you make a sketch of a page but can't say how much text should fit in there, what photos you are going to use; there's no instant feedback on your design ideas. Such practice might lead to "dry shots" - design draft that won't ever be used. Thankfully our guesses proved to be correct in most cases. It is particularly important that Sabir joined in after his return from the European tour. He has provided a lot of valuable suggestions and prepared information required for launch.

In this connection I'd like to stress out the importance of the Content from the capital "C". We don't just "sell websites". The goal is building a truly useful educational resource - useful for our clients and of course for site visitors, who should be able to find all general information about the musician, his documented works and career in development. This is hard to accomplish without active participation of the artist himself. In case of a prolific musician it isn't uncommon that gathering content requires quite an effort; it often takes more time than actual design and programming. But the result is always rewarding. In a long run our work translates into more visits, more inquiries, more awareness.

Working on has been yet another exciting page in a short story of design4music. We are open although more information will be added along the way!

We'd like to say special "thank you" to a photographer, Lena Adasheva, who supplemented beautiful concert shots of Sabir Mateen and at some point gave an impulse to the whole project.

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